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    it seems like every day when i check preware there is an update for an app or a patch that i have. the hard work you guys put into getting everything all good to go with the updates is very much appreciated! it's also really nice now to just have the dummy files installed, and have preware tell us when a patch is ready to go instead of constantly having to go to that patch in the list and check.

    heck, even my theme had an update today! i now have a red background to the splash cards.

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    Boy, with all whining, complaining, beotching, and bellyaching Ive seen here over the last few days , it sure is refreshing to come here and see something like this.

    I think alot of us just take for granted all the amazing extra goodies that have been made possible for this community by the amazing Devs, that share their knowledge and wisdom with us, so that our amazing Pre can just soar above being just a simple phone

    Here Here for the Devs, and an extra "here" for igobytony for making a meaningful statement here, thats so nice to see.

    I think everybody should go make a little donation to their favorite Dev of choice... I know I have over the last few days to a few
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