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    Has the battery life with 1.4 been improved by much? Ive had my Pre since release day and loved it but couldnt deal with the horrible battery life ?(about 12 hours a day). So I went out 5 months ago and purchased a BB Tour Sprint. find myself missing my Pre especially with 1.4 and Flash on the horizon. I'd love to switch back to my Pre but need to know if the battery life with 1.4 has improved by much and what kind of battery life I can expect now with moderate usage. Thanks so much.,

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    after 1.4 battery life has improved
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    Honestly, I haven't noticed much difference (if any) in the battery life. It's still pretty dang terrible and I carry my charge cable with me everywhere I go. I also hate the keyboard. I get triple letters, missing letters, and lag all the time. Otherwise, I still love my Pre Plus
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    you can always buy an extended battery unless you love ur touchstone. I got the 3800 and I only charge @ night and it last all day. The 2600 is good also if you don't want the extra bulk that comes with the 3800.
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    Several updates have had minor battery boosts. 1.3.5.x had a nice battery boost, but I haven't noticed a change from that to 1.4.
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    It depends on what you use a smartphone for, if you want battery life and texting and checking email is your priorities than stick with a BB Tour, but any of the smartphones like the Pre or the iphone with moderate use will only be good for 1 day.
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    what version did you have before...1.35 had the biggest battery boost.

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