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    so how long before did y'all's videos come out?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bulls96 View Post
    so how long before did y'all's videos come out?
    I'm not even quite sure what in the creation of man you are trying to ask. Is that the English language at it's finest? Pea soup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by showmrock View Post
    My video is only a minute long and isn't uploading. I've retried numerous times with no luck. Have full reception. Please help!
    I read on another post that if you are changing the name of the video, description etc. youtube has problems (or maybe the pre)

    So I tried it. Just don't change the name and leave it named whatever the pre called it with the date. It then posts fine. Not a perfect solution for obvious reasons and needs fixed, but for now..... Now the next problem is trying to share that link ..... does not work, cant find the video ...... but its there. I can see it under my account and watch it. I bet we see 1.4.1 by the end of March. Plenty of gremlins to work out .
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    I'm finding that it typically takes 10-12 hours time from the time I'm able to upload it to the time I can watch it on my phone.
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