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    Ok, playing with video uploads with WebOS 1.4. Some problems which others have had (see other threads). One things I can't figure out is how to change my login info for YouTube so I can upload to a different account... am I stuck with the one I first used??? Looked in all the obvious places, but didn't see any way to change it. Help!
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    goto the vid you want to upload and click on Upload to youTube... when you get the next screen tap on the header where it says camera and a menu will appear to sign out
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    Ahh... when holding the phone in landscape that menu doesn't show up... got it now.

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    Hi. I have a similar question, but its how to change the Facebook account. I have 2 accounts linked to my phone, but even when i deleted one account off my phone, videos still upload to that account. I dont want them there.. Photos upload fine to the right account.


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