In my searches of the forums here, I've seen people ask a similar question, but I've never found something I recognize as an answer. That might mean that nobody has answered the question ... or it could be that I'm not savvy enough to understand the answer.

I'm currently using the "stock" theme of colors and icons, but I have a self-made, monochrome wallpaper. When the screen is off and I press the power button to look at the clock, the white-and-black numerals are difficult to distinguish from the black-and-white wallpaper. Just to clarify: I'm referring to the main digital clock rather than any of the time or date info located above, in the same line with the carrier string and battery icon. Is it possible to change the color of the numerals of the main digital clock? Or, since it must be possible, perhaps I should ask how this is done.

Ideally, I'm hoping for a simple* way to change the color of the main clock's numerals; with my wallpaper, I think the clock would look pretty snazzy if its numerals were the same Sprint-yellow color as the screen-lock slider. Is there a theme that does this without changing the wallpaper or icons? A patch? A setting native to the Pre that I'm overlooking?

* By "simple" I mean "not requiring me to write/edit code". If the color can only be changed by editing some code, I'd still appreciate a little guidance on where to find the relevant lines and what kind of edits I'd have to make.

Many thanks.