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    Quick question: I'm about to head to Europe for a few days (from the US), and I want to take my Sprint Pre with me. Not for calling, but for the wi-fi access, as I'll need to check email, etc, in my hotel.

    Anything I should know about using it like this? Is the phone going to try to connect a la the iPhone (I remember those horror stories) while I'm abroad? Do I need to disable something so it doesn't try to jump on a network? Or is this just stupidity on my part?

    Thanks in advance. Loving the phone (just got it recently).
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    I guess you could try turning off the cellular radio in the phone by placing it in Airplane Mode if you're afraid that the phone will use data over the network.
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    Most if not of the Europian networks are GSM and not CDMA, and operate on different frequencies. Sprint Pre is only a dual band CDMA phone. WiFi however, will work just fine for you and if it wasn't for gDial Pro no longer working in WiFi mode, you would have made calls over wireless networks there. Other than that, no worries, you will be connecting to the any wireless network with no problems at all
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    Been to Germany with mine. Left it on the whole time. Besides not connecting it drains the battery crazy quick. Wifes BB Tour did work pretty well.
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    Thanks everyone. Guess I'll try the airplane mode just to be sure. otherwise, wifi as needed.
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    Call Sprint CS, they have out of country plans for people traveling abroad plus they can give you all of the info about the networks.
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    I was in Singapore and Japan (Tokyo) a couple weeks ago. I was fully expecting my Pre (Sprint) to not work at all, but it worked in both countries and I made and received calls.

    Once I determined that the phone worked in those countries, I became paranoid about the data, as I've been burned for 100's of dollars by AT&T and WinMo devices in the past which have started using international data despite all of my efforts to make sure they didn't. The Pre automatically turned off the data and data roaming (which I had enabled at home). This is a really nice feature (if it is a feature), as I can't imagine anyone without an international data plan wanting data automatically enabled when travelling internationally.
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    If you're worried about the Data, grab the Data toggle app from preware. One click and your data (EV and x1) are turned off but WiFi is unaffected. Not sure how to turn off the telephone radio. This will also greatly increase your battery life while abroad.
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    This is a case where Skype would definitely be useful.
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    I was in thailand for 2 weeks with no service- airplane + wifi was wonderful but my wifi seems to be no more since the 1.4 update. No patches or anything either
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    CDG : Worldwide : Worldwide

    You can use that to see if you'll have CDMA coverage.

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