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    Quote Originally Posted by mattsmeesh View Post
    Right, but I haven't seen anything on MLB's mobile premium pages that have information just on 2010, so I'm skeptical. As far as I can tell, when you go to the Mobile Premium page on the standard browser it still shows information for prior years.

    I hope you're right though.
    Me too.
    Guess, we'll find out Monday.
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    ill probably be purchasing this, 5/yr or 15/yr. still worth the money.

    i hope mlb at bat2011 will be on the palm pre
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    I'm hoping it's $5 that way if the atbatt app comes out for pre, I wont feel like such a ****** buying that on top of a Premium subscription.
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    Monday; I was told by an operator for

    This article is from PreCEntral last year, but since it was $15 last year, it must be that or more this year.
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    Well, today is Monday. Did anyone have any luck signing up yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CubsWin View Post
    Well, today is Monday. Did anyone have any luck signing up yet?
    It's Thursday, the MLB site says March 18.
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    last week the customer service rep from MLB.Com told me that it was the 15th.
    I said "what about the web site, it says the 18th?"
    He said, "that is still from last year" then he told me to look at the rest of the web site and how it says to "listen to all 2009 games" and there is a sopt to click for 2008.

    I called today and the rep went and asked his manager, he gave me the email to the mobile department. He said that they were told it would be available on the 15ht but since the wb site still isnt updated he doesnt know.


    I emailed them and when they get back to me I'll let you all know what they say.
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    This will help with some games...

    ESPN Mobile TV Launches on Sprint TV

    Fans Can Watch Live Professional and College Games on Their Sprint Mobile Devices

    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. & BRISTOL, Conn., Mar 12, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- ESPN and Sprint (NYSE: S) are teaming up to give Sprint customers the ultimate sports experience - in the palm of their hands - with ESPN Mobile TV available on Sprint TV(R). Beginning today, ESPN Mobile TV will offer Sprint consumers unparalleled live sports programming and entertainment from ESPN via Sprint handheld devices.

    ESPN Mobile TV coverage during March and April will feature more than 100 live events and over 250 hours of coverage for Sprint customers with this new agreement beginning just in time for fans to watch the Big 12 and Big East Conference Championship basketball games on Sprint mobile devices. Programming and live events through April include:

    23 Live Men's NCAA Basketball Games (including Conference Championship games)

    19 Live Women's NCAA Basketball Championship Games

    9 NBA Playoff Games

    15 Regular Season NBA Games

    30 Live NBA Fastbreak Shows

    10 Regular Season MLB Games

    50 Live Baseball Tonight Studio Shows

    3 College Football Spring games

    3 Live Friday Night Fights

    3 Live NCAA Hockey Championship Games

    5 Live MLS Matches

    "Mobile has become an invaluable screen to the digital consumer," said Matt Murphy, senior vice president, Digital Video Distribution, Disney and ESPN Media Networks. "To super serve sports fans, you have to provide live coverage on the go, and we are excited to be working with Sprint to provide this offering to its customers."

    "We are very pleased to offer ESPN's world-class sports news and entertainment video content," said Len Barlik, Sprint's vice president of wireless and wireline services. "This collaboration is about giving great programming to our customers who are sports fans. Sprint is committed to delivering the best mobile video experience, which will continue to be enhanced with the deployment of our Sprint 4G services."

    More than 800 live events this year - including the 2010 FIFA World Cup, MLB, NBA, Grand Slam tennis, college football and basketball - will be available on the majority of Sprint's device lineup, including the popular HTC Hero, Samsung Moment, Samsung Instinct, Palm Pre and Blackberry Curve. ESPN Mobile TV is part of the Sprint TV package, which is included as a part of Sprint's Everything Data plans at no additional charge. With Sprint TV, customers get access to everything from news, weather, sports, children's programs and comedy, including Disney Channel and ABC.

    In addition to the 24/7 mobile sports television network, ESPN Mobile provides easy access to sports news, information, commentary, analysis, statistics and ring tones as well as streaming audio and video.
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    thanks for 10 games Sprint.

    mlb mobile is the most unorganized web site I've ever dealt with.
    I've been calling and emailing all morning. Their web sites are all outdated and there is nobody that is accountable for anything.

    The people at say that they dont provide the service and the only way to contact the mobile folks is by email. Then when you eamil them they send generic emails back saying that they are working on it.

    It makes me knid of uncomfortable ordering something from them. I can only imagine how fast they work once they already have your money.
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    It is March 15, mlb. Where is my baseball???

    Beware the ides of march and crazy deprived snow-blinded baseball fans.

    ETA: Heh. I typed it in all caps and it came out all lower case. But I really wanted to shout.
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    So like everyone else can't stand but somehow or some way at one point WHILE trying to purchase MLB I came to a page (never found it again) but it said, my phone was not supported.

    Does anyone know if when they WILL take my money will it work with PIXI.
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    it's the 18th and still the same broken down web page from last year.
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    It seems to be working now. I went in from the yankees mobile site and clicked on listen to gameday audio and took me to the page with all the games and at the top it says subscribe now or log in.
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    sent by me today:

    Customer (me) - 03/18/2010 02:28 PM
    What is the deal with getting this service this year.
    I've been trying to order and I've been getting nothing but the runaround.

    Outdated websites, says they have nothing to do with it.

    I email the mobile department and they send back generic emails claiming that they are "working on it".

    I am on a lot of forums and the word is spreading fast about how poorly potential Premium Mobile customers are being handled. Search the internet yourself and you'll see.

    Please send me some good news please.

    their reply:
    Response (Crystal Thomassie) - 03/18/2010 05:37 PM
    Dear William,

    Thank you for taking the time to write.

    The Gameday Audio and Mobile Premium apps will be available today.

    To purchase the application, you will need to wait until a game is shown to be live. When you click on the link to watch/listen you will be prompted to purchase.

    Sincerely, Customer Support

    I was finally able to order.
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    I did sign up for MLB moblie premium for $15. When I try to listen to a game I click on audio at the top and it bring up a new card and it list the game but nothing to click on to start the audio.

    Come on. I only sign up to hear my Tigers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yankees2323 View Post
    It seems to be working now. I went in from the yankees mobile site and clicked on listen to gameday audio and took me to the page with all the games and at the top it says subscribe now or log in.
    I can't find a page that lists all the games for audio.
    Probably because I'm logged in.
    I'm curious where you found that page.
    But checking the mlb mobile premium site, it does say all REGULAR season and postseason games.
    Looks like no spring training audio.
    Stinks but that's the way it goes.
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