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    I don't see anything definite there but maybe that's the 4 in c40
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    My bet is the C40. Like the Pre, we heard about it long before it came out. Then the Pixi with a few mos. notice. Sprint had said a 4g phone this summer, given the relationship of Palm and Sprint over the years and the rummer of a C40, one could assume that the C40 might just be that phone.
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    sprint said there will a few choices of 4g devices so one of those has to b palm
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    Sprint will launch at least 3 new phones in April, and my guess is that the 4g handsets will not be one of those that are released. If I were a betting man, I would peg an update from Palm in August. I don't think June is a likely date, because if it is a 4g handset, the network will not be nearly as robust in June as it would be in August/September.

    For example, I know for sure that Sprints launch for my area is in or around August, and I am not in a huge metro area.
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    If the C40 is a 4g device, it better have some monster hardware to go head to head with the HTC Supersonic. Android is already a huge draw for the smartphone crowd, throw in the awesome specs rumored to be on the Supersonic plus the 4g network rolling out to 10+ more area's this year and the C40 would have a tough fight on its hands for people wanting a 4g phone.
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    whatever the device may b...the better have a strong ad campaign, i know for sure that that's what went wront the first time cause man on man!!! This ph is awsome but most of the world don't have any idea what this phone is capable off

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