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    I got a refurb from Sprint the other day. Honestly is was the best Pre I've had...and I've had quite a few of them. No screen blotches (this is my biggest problem with the pre), no Oreo, everything felt great and it ran great. Today the touchscreen and gesture area stopped working. If I reboot a few times I can maybe get it to work for a few minutes. I was all about the refurbs for the past two days. Luckily I have a friend who works at Sprint who will just keep swapping out refurbs until I find one that meets my too high of expectations. Rant over.
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    i cant say what quality control they have at sprint with pre's but they are not that good. Eventually the should replace yours with a new one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgonzalez2066 View Post
    i cant say what quality control they have at sprint with pre's but they are not that good. Eventually the should replace yours with a new one.
    Agreed, I got a new one on my 5th replacement (two were thru insurance one due to drop and one due to throwing against wall, still But yeah, they sent me a new one on my last time, due to refurb camera freezing.

    Call Sprint and they can see how many times you've replaced it, they will send new one.
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    Ironically I had a brand new Palm pre behave the same way - the touch screen would stop working even though the keypad was ok.

    I ended up doing hard resets and doctors and for a few hour or a few days it would be ok before having the issue again. I finally took it to a sprint store and they swapped it no questions asked. The lady who helped me (who was very courteous and helpful) mentioned that they had a few people with the same issue so it was known.

    Sorry you're going through the same, just keep trying new ones. Hopefully you'll find one that sticks around (I've now been on the same pre for 5 months)
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    what does Oreo mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgonzalez2066 View Post
    i cant say what quality control they have at sprint with pre's but they are not that good. Eventually the should replace yours with a new one.
    I just got my first refurb - I am shocked at the low quality of the phoen they gave me - it's all oreo'd, tweaked and a little thrashed, I'm going to return for another refurb later in the week
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    Quote Originally Posted by detroitwilly View Post
    what does Oreo mean?

    That is when the two parts of an open Pre have a "wiggle" effect. Think of twisting the top and bottom of an Oreo cookie opposite ways.
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    I am shocked at all of the refurbs. The store I go to says they don't give out refurbs. I had the same one since the release and just had to trade it in last week and received a new one. Maybe it is because I have the insurance.
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    I received a refurb as a warranty replacement today, and the build quality is much poorer compared to the build quality of the Pre which it replaced, which I've had since June of last year [proximity sensor failed]. On the new one, the back doesn't sit tightly and clicks whenever I type. I've got a bad feeling about how long this will last, as I've already had to do 2 battery pulls today due to a frozen "palm" logo screen on reboot. My launch day perfect was perfect and tight up until the sensor died. I am soooo bummed.
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    If you go through enough refurbs.. go to sprint and tell them you want a new one.
    I did.. cause after 5 refurbs I had enough.. they all sucked.

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    I had two refurbs and got a new Pre after finding defects with my refurbs.
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    all palms do that oreo **** dont they lol... eveyr one i have seen twists like that... ***
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    6 months,,no twist
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    1st pre had loose headphone jack

    2nd pre had light bleed all over the screen with hundreds of stuck pixels

    3rd pre had slight oreo that was fixable. then i updated to 1.3.5 and it began shutting down randomly and logging me out of my palm profile "cause who doesn't like resetting their phone"

    4th refurb today I WAS SHOCKED! HORRIFIED! even embarrassed i owned a pre. my "refurb" looks like a used phone... the USB cover is missing, it has schmutz all around the phone edge from the previous user, the vol/pwr/mute buttons are warn down, has the worst oreo i had ever seen with a 1/16 of an inch gap between the screen in the keyboard, and the back cover doesn't even close!!!!! oh and it came with a usb cable and wall charger? Maybe they thought it would distract me from all the OBVIOUS issues the phone has? sending this back ASAP!!!!

    They made me return the 4th phone through the mail and call them back in a week. when i called to ask for the refurb they told me my over the phone return limit had been reached and directed me to the nearest sprint store for a new refurb. when i got to the sprint store they told me to wait an hour so they can do a full reset, though i told them i had already to no resolve. when i got back they didnt give me a refurb they insisted i reboot my phone everyday to solve the issue. i took a closer look at my pre to find they hadn't even reset anything and the tech admitted it. i called sprint and complained again they sent me back to the same store and they gave me another refurb insisting i was going to have the same issue. i told them "this is my 4th pre" i have more than enough experience to know that its not a common issue.

    5th pre
    slight oreo and light leak
    not one stuck pixel
    felt solid until tonight when a screw came off the inside of the screen and is now stuck in the volume side rail.
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    glad im one of the lucky ones. Still on my launch day pre with no issues
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    sending back the refurb today. Keeps shutting down, requiring a battery pull. Worse, though... when the screen goes to sleep or turns off, physical keyboard completely dies, and will not work until you restart.
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    got a new one last week, but this one has the volume icon bug and just discovered the headphones cutout every little move I make and when I apply just a little bit of pressure near the top of the phone. This is my 6th pre and only got a new one because of all the problems I've been having with refurbs. Wonder if I'll get ANOTHER new one or they'll try to give me another refurb...
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    i did a asurion replacement when my usb screen crack got really bad and got fed up with sprint and palm not covering the issue. When i received the refurb i was happy until a little after a week the little oreo effect got worse. I called up asurion and they said its only covered for 7 days and now im stuck with it. They were very helpful in saying i could do another insurance claim, lol.

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