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    I have a German QWERTZ unlocked Palm Pre.
    Im on Orange Network, My EDGE/GPRS was not working on 1.3.5 Firmware.
    After i updated to 1.4 Network, my EDGE/GPRS now works great with no problem.

    but it seems that MMS dosnt work, when i send a MMS, the EDGE icon on Top Bar disappeared and the MMS msg that im trying to send still grayed!!

    How can i now if my Pre is sending the MMS msg or failed ? there is no progress bar or counter !!

    to send an MMS, i need to turn ON the Data, right? or MMS will attempted to turn the Data ON for me automatically?
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    For MMS you neet to have data turned ON.

    First verify if you settings are correct (sometimes you need to order MMS service, it depends from carrier) and try to send MMS message to yourself.

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