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    I played Deer Hunter last night for 2 hours straight and still had 20% battery with Wifi on and BT. I have noticed some weird little bugs but overall it has been a somewhat positive experience.
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    man,,my battery life has been much better with update,,try not to bash the product without first looking in to why yr particular device does not work you can see,u are in a very small minority.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthill View Post
    There is a patch which mutes everything if you have your phone on silent. There are way to many pros to 1.4 than cons. My battery is also way better now than before. I have used my phone for an hour and a half today and I am still at 98%.
    My battery life was really bad the first day, but now it's great - - better than for sure. I read somewhere else that on that first day after the 1.4 upgrade, the phone has to re-download all the e-mails in all of your folders, which makes sense to me. So maybe see if it improves in the next day or so?
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    I cannot play video's. Even the one's I recorded. you tube dont work too. Help!
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    Ok, I did a Full Erase, Doctor'd to 1.2.1, another Full Erase, and Doctor'd to 1.4.0. Hopefully this makes things better.
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    yeah man its kinda annoying that everyone complains about 1.4 like seriously
    its better than
    get over it
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    Thanks for all your help guys. I did a full erase, doctor'd to 1.2.1, full erase, and then doctor'd to 1.4. Everything seems much better now. Also, I am using a theme that was modified for 1.4 now. Battery seems to be much better.
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    1. The battery usage is horrible. It seemed like the battery size was cut in half.

    Looks like you fixed that....mine has definitely improved

    2. I didn't like how when playing m:mafia and m:racing with mute on, the audio would still play. This is not good when playing in my cubicle with my boss right behind me.

    Two things, there are 2 little buttons on the left side of your device...this controls the volume. Second thing is, I know this is going to sound kind of silly and all, and funny that it hasn't been mentioned, but umm, aren't you there to work?

    3. I also had random screen blackouts where I would keep hitting the power button to get it to come on. After about 10 presses it would come on for a second and shut off.

    I really belive homebrewing creates bugs user beware

    4. I had a wide range of theme bugs. I was using a new theme that was modified for the 1.4.0 update but backgrounds were changing on me and things where very inconsistant.

    Looks like you fixed it but.....see statement I just typed above....

    5. This is my least favorite and the reason that I doctored my phone. I use the yellow pages in the Where application to find business phone numbers. I looked up a phone number for a local store and when I clicked the link for the phone number it takes you to the dialing app with the number appearing at the top. So far so good, but when I hit the call button, that is not the number it dials and I was talking to a random resisdence.

    Once again......homebrewing creates bugs....they call it Beta for a reason
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    I agree with DougFNJ. If you use homebrew apps, patches, themes, etc. then you should be prepared for bad behavior of your phone.

    Same might be said for some Palm releases but we won't go there as we want to be Palm supporters.

    Bad phone behavior just means you have to visit the doctor.

    Congrats on the fix. Please help others, support Palm and the homebrew community as we all enjoy our Pre's and Pixi's.
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