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    I read so many complaints here I'm beginning to wonder if I have the only phone that works correctly.

    I'm one of the first to get the Pre and the only problem I had was within the first 2 weeks when closing the slider would and turn the phone off. I took it to the Sprint store, duplicated the problem for the salesman and received a new phone on the spot. So my phone is about 1 year old now and I don't have any the problems I read in some of these threads.

    I have multiple apps loaded and they all work fine. I think the 1.4 update is awesome! I only have 3.1GB of free space left so I may need to upgrade soon.

    My screen name gives it away that I'm not a young pup anymore (although I can beat most people half my age in racquetball - sorry couldn't help myself there), but most of you probably don't remember the CPM operating system or the early versions of Windows. My first computers don't even have a hard drive so I've seen a vast leap in technology during the last 20 years. Windows & Apple both have had their software problems, and still do. You will never find software that is perfect, especially something as radically new as WebOS. Pre is a giant leap forward and I am very pleased! I've been a early Palm user and been with Sprint over 10 years (multiple Treo phones) and understand there will be issues now and then, but work through it. It will get better.

    Regards, Mr. Gray Hair
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    No you are not alone. I second your sentiment and am wondering if there have been only two prprpr$s$ $produced$ $that$ $are$ $working$
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    3 launch day pres here, so we are up to 5
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    There are 2 types of complainers that you'll see on forums. 1) someone with a legitimate problem that is looking for a solution 2) a whiner that will NEVER be happy with any phone (or with life in general) It is a shame that complainer #2 gets so much attention because it makes a potential customer second guess buying the pre. The pre is a great phone for most people, not everyone, but most.
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    You forgot the 3rd type of whiner, the person that does not have a pre, but pretends to be a pre owner.
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    Between My family and Friends there are 6 pres and one pre plus that have all worked great! I guess that would take the count up to atleast 12 pres with little to no issues out there

    It just seems the Whiners will never be happy. As the OP mentioned every software has buggs and I knew a slider phone had some potential flaws but there is nothing else out there as inventive in the cell world as WEB OS. I for one am patient and have found that as long I remain so I will contniue to be very pleased with how this software grows! I'm just glad there are people out there that seem to be as Happy with this phone and WEB OS as I am.
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    I have had zero problems as well.

    There are many things that I need help with and ask questions about, but these questions are becasue I'm trying to get the most out of this device as possible.
    As far as problems though? ZERO!!!

    My Verizon Palm Pre Plus is a thing of beauty.
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    Zero problems with my own Pre as well. Love it and won't give it up for nuthin!
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    Love my Pre. No problems here. Any questions I have had have been quickly answered using "Search." Thank you PreCentral!
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    No problems.
    Im impressed with how Palm is updating the OS so frequently.
    For previous Treo models ,Palm would give 1 measly update after about a year.
    Then the device was ignored as the newer model was out.
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    And, now my boss has one and so does his wife. Any issues have been quickly resolved via PreCentral.
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    Let's show some Pre Love...

    We have two and have no problems. Have been very happy. I have had problems but they were self created and advice on the forums got me through.

    Thanks PreCentral and thanks Palm

    Everyone who gets to experience palm vicariously through me is very impressed with the phone and software.
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    I'm still on my launch day pre and only issue i have is my power button (I dropped the phone numerous times so its my fault). Whenever I had issues with software, I've been able to fix thanks to this board
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    on my second pre...only bc the 1st one i dropped off a truck goin about 40mph...awsome thing!!! it worked with i put it back together bc if went into pieces, but it worked, made a call, sent mms, and took pics still, even still played music...i was proud of that thing!!!

    my second issues at all...i jus dont see how so many people can complain about these things and issues over and over again....all this forum has become is a complain sick of it....

    also thanks Precentral and to all that have helped make apps and patches...i have learned alot on this phone and i love it...i would not change for anything at the moment...if it wasnt for this site and the help from those devolopers that DO NOT work for palm or sprint....we would be able to do what we can to these stop the complaints, things will get fixed, it jus takes time...they are not super human.....get over it!!!
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    I would be more active on this forum if it weren't for all the constant complaining. I love Palm and I love my pre! But when I want to immerse myself into a community its tough when there is a constant stream of whiners. Now the occasional person upset that is legit doesn't worry me, but the whole "sky is falling" group and the ones who just come here to make Palm look bad **** me off like no other.
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    Keep in mind that problem resolution is a major reason this forum exists. Generally, happy people don't post. So all us happy Pre users are the silent majority.

    Now that said, posts like "I'm ****ed and I want the world to know I'm returning my Pre" are wastes of bandwidth. We don't care. Don't let the door hit ya on the way out. Such posts could be deleted and never missed.
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    Complaints are a common occurrence on any technology-based message board. It is just in people's nature to be more vocal when they have a problem versus when they don't. So a place like Pre|Central is going to attract complainers.

    With anything that has a "following", there will be fans and detractors as well as trolls. Note that a detractor and a troll are not the same thing. Some detractors have legitimate concerns. Trolls are just trying to be disruptive. Then there are those people whose expectations are simply unrealistic for the technology at hand (e.g. expecting two to three days of battery life from a smartphone that's constantly on-line doing all kinds of comm-related tasks.) Even a full day is a challenge when a phone is as busy as a Pre or other smartphone with the Pre's capabilities.

    The problem with a large on-line community is that it can be hard to find solutions in all the noise on the boards. As threads fly by the hundreds (and posts by the thousands), finding a solution to a legitimate problem becomes hard, especially for newbies that aren't used to the board tools or search engines. That can be frustrating, especially when people lose patience with the newbies for asking "old" questions.

    People are indeed spoiled in this day and age of technology. I remember CP/M, Commodore PET computers, and old Sperry mainframes. There were no message boards for folks to come on-line to get answers. Cell phones? Yeah, right! No such thing. We've come a long way. Are some folks ingrates? Sure. Some people are never satisfied regardless of how great a phone is or what service has been provided. While those folks are sometimes annoying, their complaints should not be completely dismissed. After all, we wouldn't be where we are now if everyone was complacent. The only problem is that some people don't know how to balance their feelings of dissatisfaction and complacency. The pendulum swings and they voice their feelings at the apex of the swing. Emotions run high and then it gets messy.

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    I love my pre.. Best phone I have ever owned. 1.4 is awesome. also still on my original pre, they must have made mine tougher as well. Precentral has gotten so negative, it does palm a disservice. I don't come on here much anymore because of it..
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    4 types of whiners. You forgot those that whine about too many complaints.
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    I love my pre too, but im not ignorant to its many shortcomings either. Palm still has a lot to do, but I wouldn't swap this phone for *anything* (except a pre plus of course)

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