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    Just as an FYI:

    As a former iPhone user, I purchased the Mobile Me service. I got rid of the phone, but I still use the e-mail address.

    Just this morning, I created a new e-mail account on my Pre and it recognized the account immediately. I sent myself a couple of test e-mails and they arrived to my Pre inbox in 5 seconds or less. That's a ton better that my two exchange accounts and my Gmail account.

    For those out there with existing accounts, set up your e-mail and enjoy quick e-mail to your inbox.

    By the way, you can't sync mobile me calendar or contacts. I'm sure it's an Apple proprietary thing. Anyways, enjoy....
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    I've been using a .mac/me account since the beginning and all works well.
    To sync the calendar and contacts I've used Spanning Sync, it works really well and it syncs it all with google.
    Spanning Sync will sync whats on your desktop calendar/contacts with google and then your phone will sync with google, and it works two way.

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