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    I can't get the novacom to re-install...i get this message in a command prompt window it says:
    ControlService Failed

    is this the point where i hit the webdoctor button and try again?
    I would really like to get into my phone
    I do have it in DevMode and it's set to charge only
    not sure what I did wrong
    I try to install the LED Torch app and it keeps telling me it can't see my phone
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    What OS are you running? And what version of webOS Doctor are you running?
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    Try looking at the links in my sig... one of them will be able to help you out, or maybe even both.
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    He won't be able to until he's got 10 posts.
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    My links are visible to ALL. I'm smart like that.
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    Doh! You're right, I wasn't paying attention *at all*.

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