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    Looking to make my move to Sprint and the Pre in a few months and was doing some strategizing. I have a Sprint employee referral which is only good if I sign up online. Would it be cheaper (or better for whatever reasons) to do that or to sign up at a Sprint store? Would I be missing out any customer support if I signed up online? What about transferring my contacts (I have a Centro and my wife has a razr) to our new phones? Any advice would be appreciated...
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    I don't know if this help but you should look at radioshack and walmart. Radioshack has the pre for 79.99 with free activation. I'm sure they can transfer your contacts.
    If you buy it online you can just stop by a sprint store and they will transfer the contacts for you.
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    when is the radioshack 79.99 deal over?

    I know someone looking for a new activation
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    If I could do it over...

    I'd buy my phones on amazon at the severely discounted prices, and then call retention within my 30 days to get the plan I wanted (EPRP or otherwise).

    You can also just buy your plan on retention to make sure you have stuff like anymobile anytime (which isn't explicitly mentioned on the amazon page) and then apply a 27% company discount to get to EPRP or sub EPRP prices.
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    Radioshack has had that deal for at least 3 months. I wouldn't expect it to be over anytime soon. They also have it if you are adding new lines to your account.
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    to transfer contacts from your centro just download a .csv file from your palm desktop software, then upload into gmail contacts. It's that easy.
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    Don't buy from SPRINT!!! Most of the other retailers give instant rebates and not mail in. Try Best Buy or Radio shack or any other places suggested. I have been with Sprint 10 yrs and have never purchased a phone thru them, online or in the store.

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