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    Good day to you all,
    First of all, since this is the first thread I am initiating in this forum, I would like to say how much you people have made me fall in love with my Palm Pre. What was once considered as a quick replacement for my SE K800i, which suddenly broke, has now turned into the greatest piece of technology I have ever possessed. And I have you all to thank for that.

    If this topic has already been dealt with, I am truly sorry, however the search has not provided any results.

    Ok, disclaimer aside, now on with the show.

    Ever since upgrading to WebOS 1.4 I am unable to access the beta and web catalog. Preware shows me 4 application updates in these feeds atm (Checkbook Beta, Salez, RTFM and QR deCODEr). Hitting the update button opens a new card and the glowing shopping bag splash screen appears... and stays like that forever. I let it sit in the background for a while, but after an hour or so I figured it was time to resign.
    Now mind you, prior to 1.4 it already took a minute or so to open the corresponding app catalog page coming from Preware, but now it doesn't do anything but the flashy flashy thingy.
    Anyone on this board, who has had the same experience and who can give me a solution except paying the doctor a visit?

    GSM Pre on German O2 network, if that is of any importance.

    Thank you for your time and any advice you could give me.

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    Nevermind, this seems to be one of the problems, that resolved itself after a while appearantly.

    Installed AppScoop from the App Catalog today and it was able to open up the pages. Trying it in Preware afterwards also gave a positive result.
    'til we meet again.

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