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    I was having this problem since the update like many others. It seems the issue is that after the update, the photo app started their cimgXXXX# at whatever number of photos you had on your photoroll (for me 88)

    S my first new pic after the update was cimg00088 - what they didn't take into account was that if you erased photos, your cimg# would be higher than the amount of pics you actually have on your device, and therefore erasing the duplicate numbered pic.

    Here's what to do. Hook up the pre via usb to your computer - open the photo files and rename all of your pics (you can name them anything, or just remove the cimg prefix. - now you will have no dupes and all will be well with your photos.
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    Or install the photo naming patch
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    Sounds like a valid fix, thanks. However, I hope that anyone who runs into this issue makes a point to report it to Palm support. The more reports, the more likely that Palm will recognize the problem and fix it. Patches are great as well, but the number of people who are aware of them and able to apply them is exceedingly small.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    Or install the photo naming patch
    I've installed one of these myself. Thanks to the patch devs! You guys make my phone usable in these hard times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimbode View Post
    Or install the photo naming patch
    I don't like to mess around with preware and patches, so I figured some folks like me could use another alternative.

    This fix has worked on both mine and my wife's pre.

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