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    I had an issue with the pre syncing all my events 1 hour late (yes my timezone etc is correct in pre and in google settings). At first events displayed correct on google, but an hour late on pre. Then the pre overwrote everything to the wrong time, and I had to go in manually and correct every entry.
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    Wondering again if anyone else who has these issues has found a solution aside from doctoring. Not sure how I can even doctor and keep the stuff I want. Since the whole thing is that the db3 file is messed up. Is there a way I can just copy the db3 over to my computer change something and push it back and the calendar be fixed?
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    Any new info on this? I also have the problem and have also restored my PalmDatabase.db3 file after resetting.
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    You cannot restore your db3 file... simple as that, black and white. It causes too many issues. Doctor, full-erase, and DO NOT restore your PalmDatabase.db3 file. You should be golden.
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    Here's the funny part. Agenda actually shows all of the correct times for my appointments but Calendar does not. It appears that the two applications are pulling data from different sources or using two different methods to do so.
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    I would also like to know if there is a way to fix/modify PalmDatabase.db3 to get this to work. Anyone make any progress on this?
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    I am having a similar issue with my calendar.

    I have a Pre Plus, and my husband has a Droid. We both set up google accounts specifically for our phones. My calendar seems to be just fine, but I have noticed some oddities in his recently. Two times in the past two weeks we have had a friend with a birthday. The birthday is correct in his google calendar (which is shared on my google calendar and Pre), but it showed up a day early on my Pre. Since these are birthdays, they have no "Time." They are set to all day.

    I have read all about the "doctoring," but I don't use Preware. So, I don't have Doctor on my Pre.

    Has anyone discovered the cause of this?
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    Pre+ w/ webOS 1.4.5

    I noticed this issue a couple of weeks ago for a birthday on 2nd April - it was showing OK on Google Calendars, but as 3rd April on Pre Calendar. I tried deleting/editing entry on Pre, the same on Google Calendar, syncing and so on, but nothing worked. Conversley a birthday on 5th April was displaying OK, so I didn't worry so much. I then noticed that another Birthday on 23rd April is showing on phone as 24th...

    I am wondering if it is somehow related to how my Google Calendars are organised? Initially I only had a Primary calendar that I added to my Pre when I got it and this contained everything (Birthdays/Anniversaries, reccurring appointments and all day events, work, domestic tasks etc). In an effort to get more organised I split into separate Google calendars and added the various calendars to the Pre. The Primary calendar is still on the Pre and holds all the misc. personal stuff that doesn't fall in to other categories - Birthdays is one of the newer calendars. I haven't noticed any problems with the Primary calendar, though spotting errors is a bit less obvious than when looking at well known yearly dates (guess I better check a bit harder...).

    Any ideas on a resolution?
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