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    I remember this back from the old days of the Pre but havent seen it for a while. I Doctored my Pre to 1.4, and it was re-downloading all of my apps in the app catalog my account page. It kicked me to the "Signed out of your Palm Profile" page. I had to reset the device and re-sync all of my information... again.
    I remember that the only way people solved this problem is by getting their Pre replaced. Anyone have any suggestions? I am hoping that it doesnt have to resort to this, as I have a really good Pre. I hope it was a one time issue.
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    I have not added anything to my pre other than apps from the Official App Catalog (nothing against Homebrew or the like, just testing things). Last night at 4am EST I woke up to find the "signed out of your Palm Profile" issue. It made me reset and re-sync the device but there was some data loss. In addition, my alarms did not work this morning either.

    Have I just been lucky? This has never happened to mine before. What is the issue? Is there something I should look at to be fixed?
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    I just had the same thing happen to me last night. Woke up and now I'm no longer signed in to my Palm Profile. My options are to restart or "Erase All Data". I don't want to erase all data as I just took a bunch of photos and videos last night that I need to keep. But when I plug the phone in via USB the phone doesn't show up as a USB device.
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    had the same problem last Thursday...I chose the reset option, then on Friday I doctored the phone and haven't had a problem since. (knock on wood)
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    Users that are experiencing this issue. Please send me a private message with your palm profile email address. We would like to look into what is causing these reboots and the devices being kicked out of the palm profile.

    Thank you,
    Ex HP webOS Tech Support

    5Ts: Five ways to get your webOS tablet working again:

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    Ok I found a solution that has allowed me to get back into my phone and now I can copy all of my personal data off the phone. I'll probably doctor the phone after I have everything backed up.

    1.root your way in
    2.Invoke sqlite: (I’m not sure if the db file may be different, but it will be in that dir)

    sqlite3 /var/palm/data/

    update properties set value=’false’ where name=’isInvalidToken’;

    update properties set value=’language’ where name=’screenName’;

    3.Exit the linux prompt, and reboot your phone
    I found the solution on the Palm forums. I'd post the link but I haven't posted 10 times yet!
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    Second time this has happened for me I'm not making the mistake I made the first time of resetting my password thinking that would help, though.

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