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    Is anyone having problems streaming Pandora or other music streaming applications after updating to 1.04? Does any one have a fix for this?
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    I had the same issues. I had a thread going on this and posted how I fixed mine. Maybe it will help you.
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    Thanks- a quick question. How do you doc back to I did doctor my phone and it brought me back all the way to factory settings-1.01? I then updated to 1.04 and my streaming problem still persists.
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    I can't seem to get the "doctor" to work... I have the same pandora, or any streaming radio, problem. I just bough this phone a few days ago, and I was lost before this update. Anyways, how do I get my phone back to factory settings. Or is that even possible now?
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    Look for the webos Dr from palms website or from

    Whats happening when you try? I have had to restart my pc(vista) in order to get it to work. Try this, on fresh pc reboot, run the correct dr, then take out battery and hold volume up, while doing this plug into pc's usb. You should get a giant USB symbol, put battery back in. You are now in bootloader mode to force the PC to see the Pre. This has worked for me when ever I have issues with the DR.
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    Have you downloaded webOS Doctor?
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    thanks guys, I got everything up to the big usb on my phone, then the "next" button never showed to start it.
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    So, you're good to go now?

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