View Poll Results: Should Palm Release webOS 1.5 or Hunker Down for 2.0?

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  • They should release more iterations. 1.5 ASAP!

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  • They should focus on one release for an extended period. 2.0 must be pure gold!!

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    Lots of release levels and feature adds are a double edged sword. While it keeps the features flowing, and your user base excited about the "next release, after a while, it makes your product look shoddy and appear to be "not well thought out".

    I vote 2.0 in june.
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    This update didn't break bluetooth connectivity with BMWs thoug...I drive a 2009 1series BMW and its working just fine. One example of why software development and testing is just so damn hard. How could palm possibly have tested for that?
    Quote Originally Posted by vizi View Post
    So you are then saying that these bugs are either known about, intended, or both. The fact that this update broke the bluetooth connectivity w/BMW, which was working just fine before, is an example of a problem this update has caused.

    I was being facitious with the question of being tested. Obviously they would test it, but, it's very buggy. And to be honest my problems aren't as bad as others have posted. Other than having my wife complain about losing pics w/o warning. Which is pretty unacceptable. Was that new "feature" known about?
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    Quote Originally Posted by squ33d View Post
    to rely on this would be the biggest error palm can make. 4G would be nice to have, but is NO reason to get the phone until there is no 4G network available in most places...

    They should do their homework and add still missing functionality to the pre. nobody is buying the successor of a phone lacking in standard functions.
    Have you never heard of the iPhone 3G ?!?

    AT&T was hardly offering 3G even in large cities at the intro of the iPhone 3G. And their 3G footprint still sucks compared to the CDMA carriers.

    And how about the iPhone 3G being a successor that still lacked standard functions... video recording, MMS, copy & paste, etc...??? Was nobody buying that phone?
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    Who knows, who cares, I am really happy with my Pre as it is right now.
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    It think that currently they arent using all of their capacities to develop WebOS-updates, simply because they are working on the PDK aswell.
    Once the PDK is out, it's very possible that WebOS-updates roll out faster.
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    They're working on a thousand things with only a thousand employees!!

    It's pretty remarkable that they can roll these updates out at the pace they are, honestly...
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    As much as I love Palm I thing they run out of time & will mist them greatly
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    Quote Originally Posted by athens1947 View Post
    As much as I love Palm I thing they run out of time & will mist them greatly
    OK... I'll bite.

    WHY do you think they've run outta time? For what reason did you come to this conclusion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nimer55 View Post
    7. one app for camera, and camcorder.. Have a little icon you hit in the app, or something like that. german Pre has exactly that!

    At first I thought the 1.4 update didn`t work because I didn`t see that camcorder-icon. But then I found out, that it`s in fact included in the camera app, there is a switch-button. Perfect!
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    When Palm released 1.3.1 there were a host of issues that were remedied with the release of 1.3.5. Granted we had a subsequent x.x.x.1 release. My point is if the issues people are having with 1.4.0 are widespread and proving detrimental to their user experience then i am sure that a 1.4.x update will be released to improve matters. Especially if the issues were known inside Palm HQ prior to the 1.4.0 release.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsis View Post
    I think they should send 1.4 to Canada 1st, then we'll worry about 1.5.
    I disagree. I hope 1.5 and then on the one year anniversary have 2.0 maybe?
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    They could pull a Netscape and just skip 2.0 all together. WebOS 3.0. I like the sound of that.

    But seriously, we're probably done with any major updates for the current generation of devices. I think at this point, and releasing the 1.4 SDK, Palm is going to rely on developers to create apps to fill any voids of features that people still seek. Still no microphone, but what can you do?
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    What can 2.0 offer that will qualify a jump from 1.4 (or even 1.5) to 2.0? WiMax? Voice Commands?

    Palm, keep it steady and give us 1.5 next that gives us more control of the UI, more calendar improvements, and full GPU integration (along with full SDK), and utilization with Amazon's online storage for a true backup solution. After that, I dont know what more we'd need that isnt addressed by hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rot View Post german Pre has exactly that!

    At first I thought the 1.4 update didn`t work because I didn`t see that camcorder-icon. But then I found out, that it`s in fact included in the camera app, there is a switch-button. Perfect!

    o, my bad... i'm in canada, so i don't have the update.. i thought i remembered seeing a different app in one of the videos a while back..
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    The 1.5 release should focus hard on stability, memory usage, speed and battery enhancements, full acid3 browser compatibility, different tweaks here-and-there, with maybe a couple small new features to keep people talking.

    At the one year mark they should release the 2.0 with some revolutionary new features. They are going to need to keep the features and streamlining of webOS moving in development. Palm has a good chance at being the best and known for changing the wheel of the mobile OS.
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    Priorities for Palm

    1) Stability
    2) More APIs in the SDK (specifically for the microphone); More robust SDK in general
    3) Speed
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    I agree with the above - the Pre (with 1.4) now has nearly all the usable features I wanted - my only issue is with the outgoing email - the smtp settings just do not work on my phone and I have to resort to gmail to send replies - which is weird since the same settings worked perfectly in all my previous phones. I hope Palm offers more stable email support.

    The only thing I wish for is more voice enabled features - audio recording, call recording etc

    Besides the above, I think this phone only needs speed boosts (via OTA's). WebOS rocks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow-360 View Post
    And me second

    EDIT: @ Baryn, did webOS 1.4.0 get rid of the 25 pixel drag delay? Can't really tell.
    No it did not.

    The verbiage was "a future update", which says to me "not the next update, but in the near-term".

    You'll be able to tell when it is fixed.
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    Go straight to 2.0 on the C40...
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    Are we SERIOUSLY talking about 1.5 (let alone 2.0) already?! I know it's fun to talk and everything, but aren't these expectations a little unrealistic?

    I'm not a developer or a real power-user, and I don't have an extensive smartphone background but I feel like Palm is coming out with updates pretty quickly. Updates that are not just "fixed this bug", but bring awesome new features to the phone I already bought without them!

    I'm not trying to crap in the punchbowl here but please. These types of forums add to this panic-y angst in all users, which leads to more angry posts, which leads to developers saying goodbye to the best platform out there (imo). Please enjoy the phone you have for a few minutes before asking "is this all?"
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