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    I'm really screwed, I think. My (PRE) screen broke, and I sent it to this repair company b/c I really, really need to get the SMS and MMS messages off of it. So they replaced the screen but the friggin thing was FREAKING OUT when I turned it on after I got it back in the mail. Screen not responding, and the symbols dialog box flashing on and off constantly, keyboard not responding much if at all, etc.

    So a tech told me to run WEBOS Doctor as that would restore the functionality to the screen and keyboard, which it did, but now reading on here it sounds like maybe the WebOS doctor ERASED THE DAMN FILES THAT HELD THE SMS and MMS messages?? Is that right? Or is there some way to retrieve them still??

    Because the screen was broken I couldn't root the pre (which I have no idea how to do anyway), and I was hoping with the fixed screen I could root it, get to that DB3 file, and start backing things up... am I totally SOL??

    I haven't re-run the palm profile stuff and all of that yet, hoping that the DB3 file or whatever file it is that holds the messages is still intact.

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    Yep, the doc wipes that file. Sorry.

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