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    Ok, so I installed the horrible Facebook app some time back. Little did I know. It lampreys your Facebook friends into your 'contacts'. I don't want my Facebook friends in my contacts. If I did, I wouldn't need them to be my Facebook friends. These are people I never, ever phone, visit, or write letters to with a pen.

    Then I think. Hey. I'll just uninstall Facebook. Problem solved. Nope. Facebook contacts are still there, and cannot be deleted. So I think, Hm. Maybe there's something I can do within the app that will make the contacts go away when Facebook goes away. Nope. Not only that --

    Facebook re-installs, with me *still logged in*. So I 'remove account', despite the warning that I'll 'have to log in again'. But it still won't let me dump my Facebook contacts from my contacts list.

    I'm going to root my Pre and try to dump it that way. What a pain in the ***.

    I'm just saying. Beware.
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    this happen to me before..i jus went to contacts....preferences...and took the facebook account that it's only palm profile account there
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    Yeah, by default, when you log into the facebook app, it brings all your friends in as contacts. Its pretty cool in a way though.
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    u have to delete the facebook login out of the contatcs in preference then they will be gone
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    Seriously? This was one of the biggest touted features of WebOS since announcing it. The contact synergy is a key backbone of the WebOS environment. Not to mention there's about a billion threads here since before the original pre release talking about this and how do deal with it if you don't want it to happen. WOW
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    I love the Facebook integration into my contacts. I never scroll through my contacts so the added entries never affect me. And when my friends update their profile picture on Facebook it updates on my phone.

    I don't know how you use Facebook., but I have more than just old aquaintences. Almost all of my current group of friends and much of my family is on there.
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    This is a standard feature of the Pre that was well advertised. If you don't want to see the contact, use the universal search.

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