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    yes, and i meant that i understand what you said
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    So how do you like a must buy?
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    Been Lurking around the forums for awhile and thought I would actually Post. Dungeon Hunters is really good so far been through a few dungeons so far. This is pretty much Diablo, Pure dungeon crawl goodness. Has a few Input Methods Either click to move, poke a spot and your character moves there. Second Option is a virtual Joystick, It's a bit wonky at first but got used to it pretty quick.

    Graphics are damn good as well, comparable to Untold Legends on PSP. Haven't seen any slow down or To many Cards errors, so thats a Plus in my book. Really only knock I have towards it is there is no Multi-player or Item Sharing. But still damn fun. ^^ and in the end thats what it's all about I would have paid 10 bucks for this game easy so 6.99 is a good deal.
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