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    As a long time Palm addicts,I sincerelly hope palm will survive.
    On one hand as a consumer, I always want to take free lunch from Palm. For example, install experimental programs and buck the device, exchange it on the cost of Palm. Updating WebOS device 1.4 for free....etc.

    Now if you are standing on the other side of Palm, what do you think to generate more cash from the Palm Pre users at the same time won't make them angry? Or provide (a) very important program(s) that could very likely beat blackberry, Android or even Iphone, Or anything else....

    There is a rule of the suggestion, simply making Pre more interesting , fun to use does not automatically mean could generate large positive cash. The suggestion must have a clear focus for money.

    Here is the first suggestion I found on this forumn:

    1.Palm should includes a good messaging program to attract more existing Blackberry users and therefore more sales of units

    Please suggest yours to save Palm...
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    and this goes in the pre forum rather than the palm general chat because?

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