View Poll Results: What sold you on the Palm Pre?

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  • Small form factor

    7 7.61%
  • Popularity/advertising

    0 0%
  • Slideout keyboard

    3 3.26%
  • Multitasking

    45 48.91%
  • Applications

    0 0%
  • Touchstone

    5 5.43%
  • Sleek look

    0 0%
  • PalmOS graduate

    11 11.96%
  • Multitouch touchscreen

    5 5.43%
  • other

    16 17.39%
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    I'm interested in finding out what sold you on the Pre. For me it was the small form factor since I keep my phone in my pocket.
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    Odd reason for that to be your selling point honestly, candy bar phones are typically smaller. For me it was two things: browsing speed (best and second only to the Iphone) and the "fun factor" behind the multi tasking OS (cards are fun as hell!)
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    No selling point, my company handed it to me last August and I said "What the heck is this?".
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    Believe or not, it was the creepy girl ads, when they showed a close up of the Pre's UI, swiping away cards. Also, my previous smartphone had a VKeyboard and I hated it, so I was sold on having a real keyboard. When I walked in the Sprint store and saw the Touchstone charger they reeled me in hook line and sinker.
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    The Sprint Network. No other service can touch their monthly service fee. Especially with my public safety discount.
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    1. The webos.
    2. Synergy
    3. Pre has the biggest webos screen available...

    honestly palm should advertise synergy more!
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    Probably the biggest thing is that the Pre is one of the few phones to get the physics of the touchscreen nailed-down. I mean how things move when you swipe and use multi-touch movements and gestures is huge. The iPhone is the only other one to have really perfected it.

    This combined with multi-tasking & physical keyboard was a homerun.
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    sexy phone (not very big, not very small)
    sprint low prices
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    Iphone capabilities on a CDMA network (Sprint).
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    There definitely should be an option for "Sprint" because I think a large portion of users picked the Pre simply because the rest of Sprint's lineup sucked at the time.
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    Just think if they Launched it on both Sprint and Verizon. in the north east (NJ to MA) i know few people with sprint. i have lived in NY and Boston and its really only verizon up here. they would have had 6 months to dominate the market before the droid.

    P.S. you should add and all of the above for a choice
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    I wanted a new smart phone and Pre was better than the G1 and the myTouch and I didn't want to go with Apple.
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    1. synergy. especially the way messaging/IMing threads together, and contacts from all over sync.
    2. webos is just so cool, smooth, and fun to use.
    3. form factor. it feels good and fits in your pocket.

    that reminded me of how someone on the forum was saying it should take a cue from the droid on how to look like a professional phone. HAHAHA! since when did carrying around a big square brick thingy look professional? i definitely think the pre looks way more professional. it's just a sleek device.
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    Sorry I can't pick just one... (the following is in no particular order)

    Form Factor
    Slider/Physical KB (I hate vkb's)
    Capacitive Touchscreen
    Ability to customize (ie: tweak/patch)
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    Owning a phone that does what the iPhone does plus much, much more and not having to submit to AT&T and their over-rated coverage and over-charged monthly plans.
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    best phone sprint had at the time, but the more read about it the moe i wanted it
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    webos (i'm a sucker for anything linux based) & a real keyboard. Had an iphone & even when jailbroken it just felt so... restricted & it was completely not me (i can't stand apple's whole... whatever you want to call whatever it is they've created)
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    I don't think any of the choices gives the real selling point. The webOS selling point is that it makes sense in the way it's built - from a user perspective ;0) - in the way you interact with it, in the way you navigate, in the fact that you - at least seemingly - are in control of the OS, in the way connectivity features are implemented, in the way the possibilities seems to expand further and further.

    In short: in the way it eliminates your need for an actual PC/laptop in a lot of situations, because it just makes sense
    WebOS still makes sense.
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    Pretty much the fact thats it's NOT an iPhone was enough for me. Antipodean? I know, but I'm just sick of people with iPhones!!
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