View Poll Results: What sold you on the Palm Pre?

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  • Small form factor

    7 7.61%
  • Popularity/advertising

    0 0%
  • Slideout keyboard

    3 3.26%
  • Multitasking

    45 48.91%
  • Applications

    0 0%
  • Touchstone

    5 5.43%
  • Sleek look

    0 0%
  • PalmOS graduate

    11 11.96%
  • Multitouch touchscreen

    5 5.43%
  • other

    16 17.39%
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    browser, webos...
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    1. Multitasking - WebOS - Best Phone OS out there. Fell in love with it the 1st time I saw it. Love the fact it is not restrictive like Apple iPhone.
    2. Multitouch touchscreen - More fingers means lesser Taps.
    3. Applications - One of the important factors .. how much the community loves the phone. How I will be able to play/tinker with the phone. Thanks to all of you/Developers.
    4. Small form factor + Sleek look - I like the size/design
    5. Slideout keyboard - My 1st full fledged keyboard.
    6. Touchstone - One beautiful accessory which I am surprised that Apple did not come up with earlier.
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    What sold me, in late October, was the realization that Palm was going to be releasing frequent OTA updates across the board to different Palm phones on multiple carriers worldwide... all around the same time.

    I think they're pretty much on schedule for right now. Just Adobe is lacking, who was prolly waiting for 1.4. And the microphone APIs!! If it's possible with the PDK now, we need to see some voice memo apps and call recording apps, voip apps, etc.

    Then it's all gravy from that point. Every upgrade from that point on is just like getting the toy in the box of cereal every 6~8 weeks... except this cereal is THE CRACK SWEETNESS known as webOS.
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    Coming from a TYTN 2, I just wanted a phone I could use with ONE hand.
    To be able to just text with one hand. That, and speed. And multitasking.
    And anything but an iPhone.

    Not wanting an iPhone kinda made me feel like those people back in the day, that didn't want a cell phone to begin with...
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    OK... frequent OTA updates was my #1 reason...

    But Flash 10.1 was my trailing very closely at #2!!

    Since the rumor was that Flash would be released at the end of October, that was a rather large factor influencing my decision then. Here it is... four months later and no Flash. Oh well... at least it wasn't my #1 reason!

    As soon as I realized that OTA updates would be fairly common... that the Pre could be tweaked to enable FULL GPS capabilities, and it could even be tweaked to be activated without Sprint service (hint, hint -- Meta-Doctor)... that was all I needed to know. Having Flash on my Linux-based smartphone with pretty cards multitasking was just a very big plus that came along with the crazy ride that is webOS updates.
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