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    did anyone see the new 4g commercial on 24? Good or bad? Opinion?
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    link please
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    I saw it,did not really say or show much,just said it was fast.
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    It didn't stand out bc we were discussing what happened on 24. But saw it. Now that ATT/V got all 3G on our *****, 4G will be discussed more and glad its on Sprint.
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    AT&T down plays Verizon's 3G
    Verizon down plays AT&T's 3G
    Sprint advertises 4G

    I think Sprint has the right idea here.
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    i thought the commercial with Dan Hesse was more effective. its the kind of commercial sprint doesnt do often. it detailed how cheap the plans were, touting their "any mobile anytime" addition to their everything data plans.
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