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    dont get me wrong, I love the fact that I can over clock. I have in the past, but this is rightly limited to a small group of people who fully understand the risks and the coding being applied. Its not ready for prime time. When one of them see's danger, its a good thing that the community can come together and put a hold on development until another safer way to do it can be figured out.

    You see the posts on precentral, HELP I UPDATED WITH OUT REMOVING THEMES. These are the people who will be downloading an overclock patch from preware and updating to 1.5 or 1.6 or whatever. Then the forums are flooded with complaints and bricked pres.

    Also there was some talk about custom webos builds, by making changes in the webos dr it self.... a custom "rom" if you will. I understood the biggest hurdle being the redistrubtion of palms coding......sad as I want to rock a jason robatille palm pre!
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    And this was the post I was looking to see. Thank you for the information, I am once again content, like I said, I just wanted to see the desire to move forward, not an abrupt halt. As long as the project is "on hold" and not "terminated" I am content.

    Let me know when you need a guinea pig, I am as stated by my post, more than willing. And whatever your health issues may be I hope you have a quick recovery.

    Thanks for your contributions caj, and I meant no direct disrespect to you in my post. I just sought to explain my reasoning for being upset because, to my understanding, the project had been terminated.

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    I am friggin tired right now!
    Thus, you should sleep. lol
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