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    I've been using a Palm Pre and webOS since August, and the browser's always been a relatively unpleasant experience.
    • Sometimes with only one website open (which happens to be the only card), I get "too many cards" error when it is the only one card open! Usually happens to me on
    • Formatting glitch remains unfixed for over 9 months in spite of all the "fixes" they've done to the browser

    Here's a sample of the formatting glitch in the browser (attached, tried to post in message but wasn't allowed to). Note the appearance towards the middle where it says "App Catalog", "when end user devices". This is easily simulated if you just tap somewhere on the screen when viewing. It also happens randomly to an entire line compressing its height when you scroll and stop. The only way to fix it is to zoom in and out.

    Sure it's not something big, but it's noticeable to me and greatly reduces my enjoyment when ever I run across this glitch. I never experienced this problem on desktop browsers based on WebKit, and I don't believe I've seen the issue on Android or Mobile Safari which are also based on Webkit.

    Anybody else experience this? Any solutions? Any way to report this issue to Palm?

    Also, my Palm Pre seems to have the "Oreo Twist" I've read about here. Are all Pres built like that or am I just an unlucky victim of a manufacturing defect?

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    The screwy glitches around the letters happens to me often as well. Like you said, it only happens if I tap on the screen. For some reason the tap ripples distort the text. I have no solution and I have not reported it to Palm.

    Yes, lots of Pres have the Oreo effect on them. Both of my Pres have had it, one was worse than the other, but both definitely had it.

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