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    I did my due diligence and searched and found a previous thread on this topic, posted a question, and the thread was on page two in a couple of hours.

    anyway, I was piggy backing on a thread about email notification issues. I was doing some testing today with the 'Get Email' settings and it doesn't seem to be very accurate. Should we just assume that the pre isn't best for heavy email users?

    I set my 'Get Email' to as they come in. I sent myself an email on my computer at work at 4:24, I refreshed and the email showed up right away on my work computer. I waited for the notification on my phone and a vibrate. Over five min pass and i got nothing. I set my 'Get email' preference back to 1 hour just for the sake of putting it back where it was. At 4:36 I received the email notification. Does the 'Get Email' preference setting mean anything? I really don't email much, so i couldn't care less but thought this would be an important thing for heavy emailers.
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    Google servers have been buggy today... there an story up on wmexperts
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    i'm on yahoo mail.
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    Gmail works now, no more error signing in thus far since 1.4 ... but i have gotten 2x my gmail was locked and i had to unlock it, very weird ...
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    I have had no issues with either google or EAS mail. my EAS mail alerts on my phone less than 2 seconds after it shows up in my outlook mailbok, and my google alerts at virtually the same time as it hits my mailbox.

    Maybe yahoo was having an issue.
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    i have this same issue, i have 2 gmail accounts...neither of which show notifications anymore when mail comes in..ill get like 2 out of 50 for the whole day..started since the update.
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    oh nevermind, i just had to click on the email icon and confirm the 2 accounts that were there and now push mail works...try that OP
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    i did another test. i got it about 3 min. after i sent the test email. i guess thats pretty good, I can't really complain about that. Thanks for the replies.

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