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    I've posted on this before, but I have a strong suspicion that the music player app is causing the too many cards error. Last night I rebooted my phone and the only app I started was the music app. I played a couple songs and then paused the app, but left it open. This morning when I took the phone off the charger I continuously got the too many cards error even though the only app open was the music app. I rarely get the too many cards error, but the music app (or music remix app) are consistently open when I do get the error. I know the problem is with the base music app (not the remix) since it happens with both. Does anyone else have this problem? More importantly, does anyone have a solution?
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    i don't have this problem.. but i do have the problem of the reoccuring volume levels going up and down. anyone found a fix for this issue?
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    yeah, I believe there's a memory leak somewhere in this app.

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