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    I don't know how many people have noticed, but when you plug your Pre in as a USB drive, there's a ".VolumeIcon.icns" file there.

    If you're using a Mac, what this does is give the mounted USB drive a nice icon. On Windows, however, that nice icon isn't recognized, since Windows uses a different format.

    I decided to convert this icon from .icns to the Windows .ico format, and included a autorun.inf file that will make Windows show that nice icon. The attached PNG will show you how it looks in Windows 7.

    In case anyone else is interested, I've attached a zip below that contains them. All you need to do is put them in the mounted USB drive folder (or /media/internal/ for those who want to do it that way), and the icon will appear the next time you use it as a USB drive.

    Note that an autorun.inf file can be used to make your computer run something automatically when the drive is mounted. However, to confirm that there's nothing suspicious about the file I've attached, I'll post the contents below as well.

    label=Palm Pre
    If you want to open the autorun.inf file to check for yourself, any text editor such as Notepad can open it. Also, if you want a different drive name to appear on the PC when you plug in the Pre, change the part after label=.
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    Ooh nice find! Thank you so much for this!

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    Not to shabby.
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    Hey works cool! Thanks!
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    Which file is the mounted file on the pre?
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    I believe strick already figured it out, but to clarify, all you do is extract the two files from the zip, and copy them to the USB drive that appears when you plug in the Pre.
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    very cool thanks
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    Also, in case anyone is interested, I've been using the following icon for a desktop shortcut to iTunes Agent (which syncs one of my iTunes playlists to my Pre). Some might want to use it for something: Palm Pre Icon Set by ~intelnode on deviantART

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