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    Haven't seen any reports of this yet, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

    A lot of folks have been noticing that Google Maps takes longer to open in WebOS 1.4 (for example, in this thread:

    But for me, though, after the delay in load, the default screen shows Google Latitude, with location enabled!

    I wouldn't characterize myself as a heavy Google Latitude user by any means, but I have been opening Latitude now and then before WebOS 1.4 using the link described in this post previously. This time, though, it defaults to the Latitude view by itself, when the app is opened directly. The screen itself is exactly what I used to get previously through the workaround described in the post, so no surprises there.

    Note that this is only when I open the app on a standalone basis. When I chose "map location" (say within a calendar invite), the default view is the location search. It takes much longer time to load this view as well.

    I must also add I haven't done anything "special" - basic WebOS 1.4 install over the weekend, no patches installed. Also, I can't tell yet if the location is auto-updating in the background.

    It's a nice functionality to have, though I'm not sure the lag is worth it.
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    the maps app has a lot of code in the actual cloud, thats how google is able to make changes on the fly. Some of it might be due to 1.4 or might just be coincidence that it got turned on at that time
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    I just opened mine, no latitude...but still slow..
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    Once you enable Latitude with the "special URL" method, it will stay enabled until you do a "Clear Map". You can always enable it again with the URL.
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    Do people have to be "signed into" Google or Gmail or Google Latitude for others to pick up on their location? If so, that's kinda ********.

    I mean, how many times am I going to walk around thinking (Hm...I want Betsy to see where I am....and begin to sign in and blah).

    I mean, it'd be cool if Google Latitude would somehow run in the background without you having to sign in and wait for others to sign in as well.

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