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    What is the recording time limit? Does it keep going until you run out of space? Also, when sending via sms, what is the average size limit allowed by most carriers to receive a video?

    Is there any documentation from PALM with these type of specifics?

    I took a 1.5 min video and it was around 4mb. I was able to import into Pinnacle Studio 14, my video editing app and it worked great!
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    how about this one-

    Is there a way to save a video you recieve from another Pre?
    I have recieved videos by both text and email but can't find how to save to the device!
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    Yes you have to use internalz downloadable from preware to do so. Once you have internalz just go into your sms folder and copy the video from there into the downloads folder and you will have it saved

    Or you can do this in usb mode without internalz

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