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    Can we upload videos for twitter?
    Do any of the twitter apps allow this? or is there a way to do it?
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    go to and login with your twitter account. then you should see something about uploading via email/mms. it will have the email address to send it to.
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    i jus upload to youtube, in your account settings there is a way to link your twitter account to youtube and when u upload it automatically post on twitter
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    twitvid is good. i used to use vidly too and email it in as was mentioned. what i have done now though, is set up a new youtube channel, and set that to post to twitter anytime i upload a video.
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    Yeah, these solutions are okay, but what'd be really nice is if in future versions of Twitter apps ,they can just integrate Twitvid functionality like with Twitpics. I assume that'll come eventually, I just don't know if it's possible with 1.4's SDK or not yet.
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    yea ill try twitvid, i cant so youtube, unless i make a specific account for it, because I use my youtube for my music.

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