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    I'm only having problems with facebook login in on the photo app. At first after the update I couldn't upload photos so I removed and readded the account. Now everytime I enter my information I get an error saying my username/password is incorrect, even though I know these are correct.

    Anyone else having this issue and figure out how to get it to work.

    Oh and if this has been solved already I did try searching previous to posting, but couldn't find anything relevant to my issue.
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    Having the exact same issue. I changed by Fbook password the other day, so I changed it in the Contacts app and that worked fine. I then went to change it in the Photos app and that doesn't work. Keeps saying "invalid username/password" and yes, I'm using my new password.

    Any ideas?
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    you didn't search hard enough. there are tons of related topics. facebook photo app or application. hope this helps...

    or delete your acct out of calendar, photo app, and contacts... soft reset... and re-add the facebook account via the contacts only. wait till that fully syncs till you do anything else.

    hit the thanks if this helps.
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    Thanks, I had removed it from the contacts list and photo app, but forgot about the calendar and facebook app itself.
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    It KEEPS logging me OUT!!! UGH!!! Grrrrr...

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