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    Was messing around to test the Palm Pre's new video capture, and decided I'd play a little ukulele for the camera. I'm actually impressed with how well the video capture (and especially the mic) worked! Enjoy:

    Now excuse me while I channel my inner Kermit.
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    Ha. Awesome.
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    Great stuff man.. I'm surprised at how well the mic picked up the ukulele. For a smartphone the Pre makes a great lil video camera, no question.
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    I was surprised at the ukulele pickup as well, usually you need a pretty nice mic to keep the uke's twangy pitches from drowning out or overpowering any singing.

    Go figure, the Pre is perfect for capturing impromptu ukulele or guitar performances .
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    Awesome. Nothing like a little ukulele to go with my after work beer.

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