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    when i went to my sprint store a couple days ago, they didnt even have any pre or pixis on display. the space where they were was just empty.
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    ^^^ I agree with BrewCity. Same in my area... the sales people are trained to push other phones... and they simply have a HUGE lack of knowledge of what WebOS can actually do. I think it would be very interesting to have people visit local stores and see if they have 1.4 running.
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    I bought a Pixi at my local Sprint Store on Sat. The salesman tried to steer me to a BB claiming the Pixi can't do this or that. Well thanks to all the research I've able to do here, I showed him how wrong he was. Finally he replied, "you know that a pretty sweet device, I had no idea it was so capable".

    Gotta say I'm really impressed with my Pixi. I didn't need wifi and don't play games and I love the form factor. The keyboard is amazingly nice. I immediately upgraded it to 1.4, it came with 1.2.9. Guess that shows how poor they are selling. It's fast, no too many cards errors yet, no freezes either. I like the Pre too but the Pixi met my needs and I needed the most durability. I hope the C40 takes the best of the Pre and Pixi and wows everyone in 4G!
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    The reason i went to my local Sprint store was to play with the Pixie's keyboard. Not bad. Enjoy your new Pixie.
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    You are not going to believe this , but today in the morning i was in the same sprint store , and now the phone was off, with the power buttom break and that phone was the only one off! ... And now the excuse was the power outlet for that phone is not working!
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