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    I didn't realize I was recording a video upside down. Is there a way to rotate the video?
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    i dont think wouldnt want it to do that anyways...i think it would make it so your videos ran in that way and so looking at it on a computer it would be out of place...does this make any sense to you?
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    No, didn't really follow you. Just like you can rotate pics if they are upside down, I'd like to rotate this video. Recorded on the first night I upgraded and now the darn video is upsidedown on my computer.
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    You can do this in Windows Movie Maker (Free from Microsoft).

    Tutorial here:
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    You'll need to use video editing software.

    A free one is here: Free Video Flip and Rotate Review and Download,Video Editing Software,Video & DVD Software

    I have not used this software. (Just did a Google search for "rotate video editing software free").

    EDIT: @Viddywell: Yeah, WMM works.
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    my mind went blank,,,but what i was trying to say came out from other ppl ne ways.,,i was thinking that without a program it would be out of place and you would need something to flip it. Hope it works out for you. Have you added the patch to turn the light on when you are recording? i did today its great for night shots.

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