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    I've never done a tutorial, so I won't pretend this is one...but I couldn't find anyone who could tell me how to theme my dialpad after the update, and one of the guys at mentioned the switch to css and plain I figured it out myself and now my pre is back to the fully customized beast that it was before Friday..

    Here is how you can do it until the patches are updated:


    /usr/palm/applications/ open the 'dialpad.css'...and add a 'font-family:' to the following...

    .keypad-flex .one (line 180)
    .keypad-flex .one.selected (line 188)
    .keypad-flex .two
    .keypad-flex .twoselected

    ..three, four..etc...

    You also may need to add your font to the phone...if it's not already installed.

    **One thing I should mention, depending on the font, the size may be too big or small for your dialpad. When this happens it resorts back to the default font, so it may appear to not have worked.**

    To change the font size, I edited these lines:



    ..adding 'font-size: ?px'.

    They are lines 110 and 117...I had to edit the letters one, as the default size was 18px and my font made the letters too big...

    The only other variation is the "star" line...there seemed to be an extra one with a 'line-height' attribute...had to edit that one to change the size of the star font. I'm not sure of the line but it's separate from the other css for the numbers, and is the only other line mentioning the 'star' key.

    Hope that helps...if I missed something please ask!..and if you aren't familiar with css...remember your backups!
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