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    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced that the camera shutter speed has slowed between pictures. It use to take pictures very rapidly (low light or daylight, especially using the space bar to snap them). Now, since the integration of the video camera (my assumption) the camera speed has decreased.

    I know it's just a small thing and it's not a show-stopper but the camera speed was very much an asset compared to other mobile devices. At least we had shutter speed (as other devices have photo editing, zoom, macro focus, etc) and now we don't even have that.

    Hopefully, Palm can address the shutter speed in an update.
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    noticed it too, was loving the sutter speed pre 1.4 now its pretty clunky, hope they fix it in the next update.

    jus twanted to add, its only for the first pic after that it works like it used to.
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    Can a moderator please close this thread. This is issue is already being discussed. I did a search before I started this thread but the other thread doesn't have any tags associated with it so my search found nothing.

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    The lag is frustrating but for me the real nightmare is the gray screen. Once I get that, all overlay dies on my phone. No youtube, camera, video camera, videos, I get gray screens on all of them. I have to reboot, then it works for some period of time and then dies again, usually within the same day.

    As they say, misery loves company. I'm glad at least that its not just my device.

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