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    Hey, I was just messing with the video editor and found a small "glitch" with the programming. It seems that you can only edit a video if it's left in your video roll folder. I move all my photos (and now videos) in to a seperate folder on my pre organized by month, and found when I did this I could no longer edit the videos. Just an FYI to people who want to edit videos...they must be left in the Palm100 folder.
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    That's an interesting glitch but let me ask you another question...have you copied an edited video to your computer? When I view an edited video on the pre-the edited ending ends with no problem, but when I view the same video on my computer (or online) the video picture goes white where my edited end point is, yet the audio rolls on playing the unedited portion with just a white screen. (when I upload the video instead of a white screen, the last frame of the video is displayed until the audio finishes)


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