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    Since I have updated to WebOS 1.4 I cannot type long text messages anymore. I have counted the amount of characters that I can type before the app does not allow more characters to be typed. 160 characters was the limit - which is also the limit of one SMS.

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ $SMS$ $standard$ $can$ $split$ $up$ $long$ $messages$ $into$ $smaller$ $parts$ $which$ $will$ $be$ $joined$ $at$ $the$ $receivers$ $end$ $into$ $one$ $long$ $message$ $again$ - $making$ $the$ $splitting$ $up$ $process$ $invisible$ $to$ $the$ $user$. $That$ $also$ $worked$ $prior$ $to$ $the$ $update$ $to$ $1$.$4$, $because$ $I$ $have$ $sent$ $plenty$ $SMS$ $messages$ $that$ $were$ $longer$ $than$ $160$ $characters$.

    Does anyone else have similar problems with the Messaging app?

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    no perhaps it is a network specific thing?
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    I just tested and it works fine for me. I can type long messages and it gets broken up.
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    My long messages get broken up into 2 when I go over 160 also. Using Sprint (if that matters at all)
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    It's actually the phone that splits up the messages, not the SMS standard. 160 is the limit for SMS.

    That said, I have no problem going past 160 characters and getting the '2' notification that the message will be split when it's sent on a Sprint Pre.
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    160+ characters works fine here (Sprint Pre). It gets broken up into two messages.
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    works fine, sprint pre
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    Mine works fine; O2 (UK) pre
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    Also works fine for me on Sprint. I also use the SMS Character Counter patch.
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    Works fine for me on Sprint
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    Yeah, 160 is the standard SMS size. I'm on Verizon and it'll split the message up for me.
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    My bad! I simply forgot to replace the "CarrierNetworkSettings.db3" file with my own custom one, which contains the correct information.

    Sorry to have bothered you

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    Guys can you please help.

    I had some small problems with my old WebOS...

    Well I have Tele2 operator and it is listed in: CarrierNetworkSettings.db3.

    Problem was I didn't want Roaming to be automatic, and when I disable it searching network was endless

    Friend took O2 card and I wanted to unlock APP store so I made erase with Doctor ..

    But now I can't write more then 160 chars in my SMS,..

    I did install few patches on old OS and now in new 1.4 ...

    Usually when I pass 160 mark it says (2), if I pass 320 (he puts 3), now it is RED X !

    I checked: CarrierNetworkSettings.db3 but not sure what I have to change if I have to change, its same like most operators ...

    And it worked before ?

    Is there patch for it what I have to do step by step if somebody has will to explain, thanks.

    What I want ?

    - be able to type more then 160 chars in 1 SMS
    - count of SMS messages that I typed in "1" message
    - be able to delete text from sms that I for instance wrote in reply to somebody, now every time I go to that person I see text that I put down, and I don't know how to delete that text except 1 char by 1 char (I wrote reply but I don't want to send it, I want to delete it, how)?
    Thanks in advance.
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    I'm having the same problem unfortunately.
    On my Pre, its locked to O2 but I'm using RSC. I was previously able to type past the 160 characters on but going up to 1.4.1 screwed it up.
    Then I tried a sprint webdoctor 1.4 version and its the same.
    Basically the typing stops when I reach 160 characters.

    Still can't get data to work either. I have got a nice custom networkcarrier.db3 file though. Can someone host one for us to use?
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    The Big Red won't let me type more than 160 characters in a text..

    So I've installed the Character Count patch so I always know where I'm at in the text and if I need to sum things up more efficiently..
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    No I dont whant char counter t tell me where I am. I want it like before. So I can write long sms and my phone to split it. Please help. It happened again. I just started preware,installed gps patch and sms cant go past 160 mark pretty anoying...

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