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    If this has already been posted then I apologize.

    So far I am loving the video on the 1.4 update for the Pre. But When I try to send a video to anyone on any other network than Sprint, they dont get my video. I tried sending videos to people on Verizon and also AT&T and neither got the video. But send it to someone on Sprint and they get it.

    Anyone else notice this???
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    my problem is I just send a video of 10s to another palm pre, they got the video but it says they can't play the video???
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    Yes I have the same problem... When i try to send a video of 21 seconds to my friend who's on AT&T thru MMS text. I get a reply text from sprint about 10 minutes later saying that the recipient's carrier may have a size limit and the video might not be received.
    So I figured that AT&T and Verizon have a limit set to 3M or 20 seconds of video for outside networks.
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    im not having a problem. I send a video to my mom who has the Droid on verizon and it worked fine. The only issue i had was when i first tried to send the video and it was too long for MMS

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