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    I have a problem with the Facebook Photo Sharing Account on my Palm Pre.
    It just stopped working. I deleted the account and tried to re-create it and I get "wrong user name or password". I found a work around by e-mailing photos to the Facebook e-mail upload address in my Facebook account but it's nowhere near as convenient. I downloaded the Facebook Pre app and thought it was supposed to log the phone into all the accounts. No luck.
    Anyone got a fix?
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    BTTT. No one has any ideas?
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    Due you have multiple logins for the facebook account? If you have multiple email addresses tied to the account you can log in with the different email accounts. Try a different one and see if that helps.
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    Thanks to another thread, it's fixed. Answer is here... Facebook Video Upload Missing??
    I created a contact account and it created the photo sharing account. So now I get to sync a bunch of contacts I don't communicate with otherwise. DOH! Oh well, it works.

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