View Poll Results: Palm PRE PLUS in Europe will be ever lauched ?

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    Like the title
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    maybe with the countries that have yet to launch.....but unlikely.......
    not till palm sorts itself out
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    SFR Will Launch the Palm Pre Plus & Palm Pixi Plus in Europe. So Yes.
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    if they dont release the pre and pixi plus then we will get the next generation webos handsets, palm wont survive in europe if their only handset is the original pre
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    Hope Palm will launch the C40 instead
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    Screw the Plus, they should release a totally new device (C40?). And by the way, if they will be doing that with a hardware that can compete (like Nexus One), they should be doing that in the US AND Europe in June at the latest. If they are planning to give the Pre a year in Europe and release a successor in October (the Pre launch here), that will be WAY TOO LATE.
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    in my mind, the pre (plus) is a fine tiny smartphone and not such a brick like the iphone - i prefere this design^^
    So maybe Palm can develop another pre, with a bigger Screen, but with the same form factor

    the WebOS Updates should be available in the same month, but not the same day - there would be to many users who download the new version of the OS
    -> there are so many people who are flaming now, only course they get the updatecard 5 hours later than others

    Gre aus Deutschland
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    am curious what O2 DE will do

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