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    I need a method of accessing the file system (not root) via the ip address of the phone or by bluetooth. It is for simply transferring files or just managing files on the pre itself. I only need access to the same directories on the phone as one would have when the usb cable is connected to the pc. Since I don't always have the usb cable with me, I want to be able to do this without the cable. I have looked for a solution to this at various times during the last year but have not found one.

    I need to access the phone in one of the following ways:

    * bluetooth (obex file transfer, which the pre does not have by default)
    * via ip address over wifi using an ftp client perhaps?

    I have been able to do this easily with my other previous smart phones (Nokia N95-8gb, 6630, 6600) for several years. It surprises me that there is no built in obex file transfer support. It is a basic bluetooth functionality that seems to have been overlooked

    Any suggestions?
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    without having root access to the file system, this is not possible with the Pre,

    you could install the SDK and the Optware package and be able to use WinScp (is like and FTP client)

    the USB cable is your only non root access method.
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    It's possible to setup SFTP via homebrew, but a convenient non-commandline option is not currently available
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    Thanks for the replies dianehelen & Jason Robitaille,

    Ok, it looks as though to have direct access to the file system without a cable I will need to root the pre.

    However, I have been able to setup a simple web file server on my laptop in windows and have my pre access it via ip address through the web browser without any alterations to the phone. The only problem with this setup is that if the files to be transferred from the server to the phone are video or audio files, the pre will simply try to stream them rather than offer a way to save them to the internal memory.

    I guess my follow up question to this would be if there is a way to have files accessed through the browser copied to the phone's internal memory rather than simply streamed...?
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    I have solved the problem in a way. I am able to paste the url of the file on my server directly into fileCoaster and download it that way. Certainly not the most elegant solution but it works...

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