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    Seems like if I would of made my touchstone car mount a little higher it could of doubled as a dash cam.
    Sitting on the touchstone side ways:

    Sitting vertical:

    Seems like if I could flip the video 90* and lose the wiper for a night I could get some good videos of some other friend racing Too bad the touchstone is always in the frame, the pixi might not have this issue since it is a little longer
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    I've tried this with my iGrip mount (which I recently resurrected after the clips breaking by gluing some RE magnets to work with my TS back) but of course i can only record vertically. Could this be a patch possibility for the video orientation to be corrected in relation to the accelerometer? The still camera does this already.
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    If your wipers didn't sit on the glass above the dashboard line, you wouldn't need to.

    This would work in my car as my wipers sit just under the hood away from line of sight.
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    I tried it and all I got was a picture of my dashboard.
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