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    Did a quick search and didn't see anything; this may be better placed in the Homebrew section.

    Anybody else experiencing this? I had the Personal Avator Patch but removed it prior to 1.3.1 (so my SMS app has been like this for a while now).

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I need help with the install of the Web os can you or some you know help me??
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    This patch no longer worked for me after the update prior to 1.4. I started using the personal avatar left side patch since then and it still seems to work post-1.4
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    I tried, again, to load the avatar patches via Preware: neither would install; they gave me IPKG errors. Mayhap I'm SOL.
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    i unstalled it but i cant seem to add a picture. and after installing the signature it dont work and my txt background is dark grey.
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    i cannot seem to add a picture to this app. and now its saying it not avail with my web os version.. any suggestions? or should i just delete it? also if anyone knows is their a way to change icon pic for instant messenger?
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    also which is weird why only certain pics show up on icons for like yahoo when i know that my buddies add and change their pics all the time but only gtalks shows up

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